Viewport Switcher

Viewport Switcher is a maxscript for 3dsMax that allows you to quickly change between viewports. Assign the macroscript to a hotkey. Space bar for example. A menu will appear around your cursor that allows you to quickly switch to different views. For the installation simply drag and drop the mzp file to the viewport. Go to Customize/Customize User Interface/ Keyboard. And under the group Norman3D select Viewport Swtich and assign it to a hotkey.


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GoMax is a tool that emulates and in some instances enhances GoZ functionality.


- Export from Z-Brush to 3dsMax with one single click

- Import from 3dsMax with one single click

-Subtool export/import

- Diffuse Texture, polypaint, normalmap, displacement map, matcap

-DirectX, Standard and MentalRay Material

- Script will automatically update when new versions are released

- Compatibility with 3dsMax 9, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011

Currently the tool is being developed by Björn Albihn and me,  with the help of many others. For more up to date information follow the thread at


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Best Viewport Shading for 3dsMax

I have recently been playing with MaxScript and I quickly came up with a script that automatically sets the best viewport settings for 3ds Max. If you have 3ds Max 2010 you will get some extra unsupported features unlocked, like realtime bounced lighting. Head up to Scriptspot for more info!2 responses so far

Terminator Bust Print!

I'm very excited! My first printed model arrived today! Have a look! Terminator Bust Print 2Terminator Bust Print 13 responses so far

Z-Brush 3.1 Materials to Mental Ray (3dsmax 2008)

March 2nd --- Added new tutorial.

Go check out this thread at ZBrushCentral to discuss this tutorial and learn further ways to implement and combine this technique with other workflows.

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